Down with Disease! An Art Auction for Sara’s Family

5 Mar

Eight Julys ago, I met an incredible woman while studying abroad in England. Sara is the kind of person whose presence just makes you feel better when you walk into a room–instantly friendly and welcoming. She emits positive, joyful energy from her very core. We knew each other for barely a week before I knew I’d met a true friend. With our friend Beth, we spent a weekend in London seeing shows in the West End, visiting the Tower of London, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, the Salvador Dali museum, the Globe Theatre, and Westminster Abbey. We even found a hole in the wall called The Laughing Halibut to get our first fix of real fish n’ chips.

Back on campus in Cambridge, we admired a good-looking Hamlet over glasses of wine at an outdoor production, played countless rounds of trivial pursuit in the college pub, made friendship rings out of gummy candy, and generally just LAUGHED. I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole summer.

She even flew across the country later that year to visit me in Boston.


On top of all of that, Sara is a WARRIOR. A few years after we studied abroad together, Sara was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She beat it. It came back. She beat it again.

Now Sara is battling Hodgkins Lymphoma for the 3rd time, and is pretty much so awesome that we all know she’s going to take it down. BUT! She needs a bone marrow transplant and treatment in Kansas City. (Fortunately, her sister is a donor match, which means a much lower risk of rejection.)

A silent art auction has been organized to raise funds to provide her husband, Brandon and son, Jazz with a place to stay in Kansas City and to provide them with some basic living expenses while Sara is away from work, so that she can have the family support she needs the most during her 100 days of treatment away from home. Please take a few minutes to browse through and consider bidding on one of the beautiful pieces found here. You have until March 21st:

The website includes instructions for out-of-state bidders. Even if you can’t make a bid yourself, please share this link and spread the word. It would mean a great deal to me, and I know that your positive vibrations will lift Sara up and give her strength.

Visit Sara’s blog at to learn more about her journey.
UPDATE 3/17: Here is a link to donate directly:Click here to lend your support to: Down With Disease!  Funding for the Johnson Family. and make a donation at !
Shanti om,

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