Press Your Luck: The Grand Opening

2 Apr

Yesterday, I cut into the wheel of farmhouse cheddar that has been so patiently aging in the refrigerator since the beginning of March. (Hooray!)

So, what’s it like? Texturally, there is a very nice balance between crumbliness and creaminess. It’s more than firm enough to slice, but has a soft mouthfeel. Flavor-wise, it is mild (since it’s still so young), but has a saltiness to it that is very pleasant. I think it will melt fairly well and would pair nicely with a plum chutney or those juicy, spicy little caramelized pearl onions I made for Joe’s birthday party.

I plan to cut half to eat in the near future and re-wax half of the wheel and let it age a few more months. I’d love to see how it tastes when it’s a little bit sharper.

Another cheesy success. What to do next?!

Ciao for now,


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