Mystery Food Week 7 (Schoooool’s out for sum-mer!)

28 Jul

(Insert sigh of relief here)

There were some tears and frustration, but I finished up all of my assignments for the semester. The Perl dragon has been slain. It feels so good to be on vacation for a little while. Yes, there’s still work during the day, but now I can at least do fun things like garden and read on my Kindle when I get home at night. I haven’t had two seconds to think about getting fantasy football set up for the season, so I’m looking forward to doing nerdy football research this week.

But, speaking of gardening here is Week 7’s delicious bounty from Bull Run Mountain:

Potatoes, celery, garlic, salad greens, broccoli, tomatillos, apples, and PEACHES. I have been a peach-eating machine lately. This summer’s are really are the closest thing I’ve tasted to the infamous “Florence fruit stand peach.” I’m not sure anything will ever top that. It was a blisteringly hot day in Florence and my parents and I wandered up to this fruit stand with the most gorgeous produce I’ve ever seen. Hungry from doing the tourist-thing, we got some fruit and to this day that was the most delicious peach I have ever eaten.

Anyway, I digress. I made a big batch of veggie pancakes by shredding one of the potatoes with last week’s zucchini, some peppers, onions, garlic, broccoli, and some herbs/spices. Add an egg and a few tablespoons of flour to the mix and then fry them in a pan for a few minutes on each side. They’re really crispy and savory!

As for the 10 peaches, I made a batch of peach yogurt (peaches + pumpkin pie spice + greek yogur t+ drizzle of honey + dash of vanilla), ate a few raw, and roasted the rest with a little bit of butter, cinnamon, two small apples, and toasted oats.

Over the weekend, I was in Pittsburgh with the family for Jess’ bridal shower. It was a lot of fun! I’d never been to a bridal shower before, but I liked the silly games and enjoyed a really tasty lunch with a lot of people I don’t usually see when I’m home. I’m really looking forward to having fun with everyone at the wedding in August. Here I am with the beautiful bride-to-be:

When I came back yesterday, I noticed that I have three bright red cayenne peppers that are about ready to pick and two green sweet peppers that weren’t even on the plants when I left! Yay! I was worried. I haven’t had much success growing vegetables in the soil in my box garden…

It’s good to be back in Arlington, but I already miss everyone. I’m looking forward to some more CSA goodies tomorrow, a week free from worrying about school, and a visit from my parents this weekend.

It’s going to be a happy week.

Ciao for now!

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